About us

Company Advantage

We was set up in 1995. Our main business is to source and supply industrial equipments to the construction, shipbuilding, oil explorations, mining, manufacturing and general industries. Our strength lies in our specialized knowledge and good understanding of these industries.

Excellent Product Quality

We are specializing in the production and sales of hydraulic tools. There are many types of products, including: hydraulic jacks, hydraulic hand pumps, pneumatic pumps, electric pumps, hydraulic pullers, hydraulic torque wrenches, flange separators, nut breakers Cutters, bolt tensioners, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic pipe benders, construction machinery and equipment, hydraulic control systems, heavy machinery, hardware tools and various spare parts, etc.

All products have a complete set of systems and procedures in development, design, manufacturing, maintenance and after-sales service.

We use innovative designs to enable customers to obtain superior machinery and equipment at the most economical cost, and provide comprehensive after-sales services. In addition to standard products, they can also be customized according to customer needs.

A Good After-Sales Service

Uphold the brand’s commitment to the principle of the supremacy with the customer to provide the most professional technical advice, consumers only need to inform or return the product, you can get the subsequent replacement / maintenance services. You can also get technical support by mailbox, quickly solve the problem.