• Electric Torque Wrench Pump
  • Electric Torque Wrench Pump
  • Electric Torque Wrench Pump

Electric Torque Wrench Pump

Remote switch (controls motor operation)
Manual operation button
(manual control panel operation)
Automatic operation button
Work until the tightening/

unscrewing work is completed)

  • One-button operation, tightening and loosening bolts at the touch of a button, allowing operators to easily complete tasks.
  •  In addition to the fully automatic operation mode,the manual operation mode is retained, and you can also process under special conditions. 
  •  The output pressure can be freely adjusted in the range of 40~700 bar. it is equipped with a radiator and can work continuously for 24 hours。 
  • Equipped with pressure release switch ot manually remove residual pressure on equipment and pipes during shutdown。
  •  Attach the pointer type hydraulic oil shock-proof pressure gauge with an outer diameter of 4”(inclusive) or more, which can indicate both PSI and BARPressure units。 
  • When the voltage and motor temperature are abnormal,the motor will stop automatically。
  •  The standard configuration can drive two hydraulic torque wrenches at the same time(optional 4-hole shunt can drive 4 at the same time)。