• Separated Hydraulic Nut Splitters (heavy-duty)

Separated Hydraulic Nut Splitters (heavy-duty)

Designed for ANSI B16.5 / BS1560 standard flange.
Single-acting, spring return or double acting quick return.
Bolt range: M45 - M72
Hexagon nut size: 70-105 mm
Model : NS-7080, NS-7085, NS-7090, NS-8595, NS-85100, NS-85105

  •  Designed for ANSI B16.5/BS1560 standard flange
  •  Single-acting, spring return or double acting quick return
  •  The replaceable working head provides maximum nut adaptability
  •  The firm handle makes the work more reliable and the operation more convenient 
  •  Can cut 12.9-grade nickel chromium molybdenum alloy steel nuts
  •  Built-in safety valve provides overload protection
  •  Bolt range: M45 - M72
  •  Hexagon nut size: 70-105 mm