• HP-104 Separate hydraulic punch

HP-104 Separate hydraulic punch

  • Weight: 11.5 kg, without hydraulic punching host. 
  • Iron plate thickness: 0-3.2 mm. 
  • It is most suitable for perforation of switch box and switchboard instrument. 
  • Punching die adopts alloy steel precision processing heat treatment, stable quality and long life. 
  • Four sets of male and female molds with punching die: 2-1/2"Ø(76.1 mm), 3"Ø(88.9 mm), 3-1/2"Ø(102.8 mm), 4"Ø(115.5 mm) 
  • One 1" screw is included.
  •  Accessories: 1 of storage box.